Reinforcements / Gunite (shotcrete)


Shotcrete is a versatile material which has a wide range of applications. It is a material that offers high compressive strength, good resistance to corrosion and chemicals, excellent adhesion to existing concrete, steel and rock.  It is an adaptive material and implemented without treatment.


Shotcrete outperforms conventional concrete in conditions where access is difficult, requiring thin layers or variable thickness.


Shotcrete is applied mainly for building repairs, columns, beams, slabs and for strengthening masonry and stonework.


In road construction shotcrete (gunite) is applied to retain slope and also used in the construction of underground tunnels.


Unlike familiar cast concrete, cement aggregate mixture is prepared as a dry mix with little moisture (and feeds the GUNITE machine). Once prepared, with the help of a powerful compressor, the dry mixture from the GUNITE engine, is transported through an elastic hose and sprayed on the surface to be strengthened. At the end of the elastic hose there is a mechanism which wets the mixture in order to obtain the required minimum amount of water. This method achieves the maximum adhesion of the old and the new concrete and strengthens concrete to its maximum capacity.

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